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CuteFTP Home

Fast file transfer protocol program for all file types and sizes
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If you need to transfer files from your computer to the Internet or vice versa, then you need a good, efficient File Transfer Protocol or FTP Client and CuteFTP Home 8.3 could be just the program you're looking for. With this program you can transfer files of any type or size including your web pages and any multi-media files to, from, and across the Internet.

With the CuteFTP Home client downloading files is faster than using a web browser and it is just as easy to use. You need only enter an FTP address to transfer files into CuteFTP's triple window interface. Once the files are uploaded you can manage, edit, and drag and drop files. The program also includes a built in HTML Web editor enabling you to make changes to your web pages easily. You can also add files, change filenames or delete files, documents or images and videos. This version of the program includes a Podcast Manager so you can manage your subscriptions easily, and Enhanced Connection Wizard that will guide you through configuring a new connection, and a Scheduling Wizard for recurring transference of files.

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  • Built-in web editor


  • No obvious disadvantages
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